Thoughts on SOLIDWORKS World 2015

SOLIDWORKS World 2015. My first SOLIDWORKS World. After all the hype I heard from my team, I was pretty excited to go. So off I went to Phoenix, Arizona to experience for myself what the buzz was all about and it was quite fantastic.

The sheer amount of things you see is mind boggling. It feels in some ways like you travelled to the future as remote controlled drones wiz by in a product display cage and you walk right up to Moon landing apparatuses. Arms bands that know which muscles are moving inside your arms and use that information as controls for games.

You meet and listen to a lot of people, a lot smarter than you. There were several great keynote speakers but my favorite was Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist who left me feeling inspired to continue being part of the innovation process. To continue helping the future get here sooner.

I got to meet the faces of all the voices I talk to daily. SOLIDWORKS is a widely used tool. Daily I communicate with people hundreds and thousands of miles away. At SOLIDWORKS World I finally got to see the people for whom I have been making up faces. It was really nice and surprising sometimes. My favorite part of this was connecting with our customers at our customer appreciation dinner. We got to sit around chatting for a few hours at Majerle’s enjoying great food and drinks. I learned a lot about those people and made great memories.

And of course, you learn a lot. My brain hurt from all the information crammed inside. The event is a blast but the knowledge you come home with is irreplaceable.

Overall SOLIDWORKS World 2015 lived up to the hype. I highly recommend taking the time to go. Hope to see you in Dallas next year!