Seriously, do I need to go to another SOLIDWORKS WORLD?

For the past few years it’s been an ongoing conversation with the team. I’ve been going for 19 years. It’s fun: seeing the latest, connecting with partners, bonding with customers, friends and contacts in the industry. But really, do I really need to go?

In the end, I go and agree it was worthwhile.

This year, I didn’t even make the attempt. There is so much going on… at SOLIDWORKS WORLD.

We have our engineers, Adam and Brandon, doing a breakout session covering DRIVEWORKS, PDM and integrating these into your custom engineering efforts. Michael is gunning for a Model Mania win to attain the title of The Most Efficient Engineer of the World. (seriously, he’s been geeking out over this for a few weeks… check out the videos).

Mallory, our Operations Manager, will be joining the management meetings to work with peers on everything from business planning to understanding the future vision of SOLIDWORKS and the channel. 

Chantel will be brainstorming with our vendors on marketing and how to better integrate our messaging and social media efforts. She will also be working with Dassault Systemes and SOLIDWORKS on our expanded educational efforts

We’ll have Taylor working the SINDOH 3D Printer booth (check it out, she’ll have a coupon!).

Karl is getting technically certified on the MARKFORGED Printers we partnered with recently. Check out the press release.

On Monday, we’ve got dozens of customers invited to our QUEST customer appreciation dinner and Tuesday SOLIDWORKS will be taking us to Paramount for a party. Events wind down on Wednesday ending with the awards dinner. In between all of that we are attending a combined total of over 50 technical breakout sessions. 

So, why am I going? Because I need to see this. I need to see my peers, share our stories, see the trends, the technology, the systems and business theories. I need to see what our customers see, what our vendors are saying and what questions my team is asking. When I tell our customers what they should expect from our solution, I better know what I am talking about. Not just now, but 1, 2, 5 years from now. I am going because by the end of EVERY SOLIDWORKS WORLD, I am inspired and reinvigorated about the promise associated with this brand, this company, this industry, our team and customers and the state of engineering. I come back knowing we are fighting the good fight and we are equipped to be the best fighters out there.

And, well, the forecast in N. Idaho for the week is 20 some degrees and snowing and it will be 60 degrees and sunny at SOLIDWORKS WORLD… so … there’s always that.

Hope to see you there (look for the tweets if not) and we'll report back in a few weeks!