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3D Printing Program

Have your students designed something in SolidWorks and want to know what it would be like to hold it? 

Now they can with the 3D Printer Loan Program! Pat Molvik designed this program to inspire students to pursue technical education. This program allows schools to loan out a MakerBot Replicator 2 for a length of time in order to print the projects they have been designing. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Design your parts and have them ready to print! Keep in mind that they need to be capable of being printed in a week or two as the printer is only on loan for a few weeks at a time.

  2. Contact Pat Molvik and let him know you are interested. His email is or his phone number is 208-683-2321 ext. 4730.

  3. After this you will need to fill out the partnership agreement he will provide.

  4. Once all the legal documentation is taken care of, Pat will bring the printer to you and teach you how to use it. 

  5. Then the fun begins as you and your students print the designs!

  6. Pat will pick it up at the agreed upon time!

Start designing today and give your students the opportunity to learn hands-on. For more information about SolidWorks Education software, call Quest at 800-370-3750. For more information about the 3D Printer Loan Program, call Pat Molvik at 208-683-2321 ext. 4730.


3D printing isnít the only way to get students interested in STEM. Check out SeaPerch, a robotics program sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and managed by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International allows students to design underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and test them in a yearly contest. 
Teams consist of two to four students and a mentor. Each team will need to purchase a kit that costs about $155. Teachers can apply for a grant on the website or through Pat Molvik of the Navy. Along with a curriculum that takes about six to eight weeks to complete (based on a one hour per day assumption), SeaPerch offers a teacher training program to help teachers get started. 

SeaPerch is in its fourth year in our district. The fourth annual challenge will be held at Eastern Washington University in February. At these events teams participate in a variety of challenges like a slalom course and a ring pick up challenge. One of the more difficult challenges is the "Cap the Well" challenge that has students drive their ROVs with cameras to put a cap on a traffic cone, simulating real life challenges ROV operators face. 

SeaPerch is design to be a low cost, sustainable program that still teaches basic concepts like physics, electricity, etc. For more information, contact Pat Molvik at 208-683-2321 ext. 4730 or You can also visit to learn more about the program.