You'll Never Know Where A Quest Intern Will Show UP!

We really enjoy bringing on interns at Quest.  It's a chance to work with schools, show the next generation of home grown students what engineering and manufacturing is all about and, well, they do teach us a thing or two as well.

Some of our best employees started out as interns and they have really helped make our team as successful as we are today.  Not all of them choose to stay and we're ok with that.  It is fun to see where they go from here.

Case in point, I was watching the WA state senate debate last nite and lo and behold, David Michael, one of our interns for the past 5 years popped up (that's him in the corner).  He's now working for a state senator and wrapping up his degree this spring. 

It's a small, exciting and rewarding world out there!  Nice Job David! 

By the way, if you know anyone who is in a marketing or engineering or business program and looking for an internship, have them contact us:!