Our intern program at Quest has worked with up and coming professional talent over the years.

In 2009 this program snagged a young buck in high school looking for some office experience. 

He was young, and excited to get started.  At first this was more of a student outreach than anything else. His job pretty much consisted of 1) show up on time 2) meet dress code and 3) follow instructions.  He did very well.

Over the course of the past seven years, he’s finished high school and, this spring, graduated from the University of Puget Sound.  While his passion has always been political systems and their interactions (this would lead to him popping up in unusual places and traveling abroad), he came back every summer and learned the art of the office.

While starting with basic projects he has grown in value and has become a valuable asset.  He now works with our educational program, our marketing and sales department and has been useful in helping grow our IDEAS to MATTER service division. 

He has done exceedingly well here. But change is life and every beginning ends something.

Today, we say goodbye to our longest serving intern.  He’s starting his career in Washington D.C.  This is something that builds on his education and is what he is passionate about.   

As an aside: for those of you who are dismayed about who is going to Washington this year, there’s a least one good guy that’s going there to fight the good fight. 

We will miss him.  I know Diane and I will.  Our customers know him as DJ.  He’s our oldest son David.  All of us at Quest are so proud of him and what he’s become. 

Good luck and God’s speed.  We will miss your positive, sincere and respectful presence that has made this office, our team, Diane, myself and our company better. 

Goodbye, make a difference, and know you that you did well here at Quest.  


All our best, The Quest Integration Team.

David Minerath