There is No Substitute for Competence

Every now and then you get a chance to see your team do amazing things. Chantel Wilkes  is in charge of our Quest for Success Education Initiative as well as our marketing efforts. She has been working hard on developing the Northwest Marketers group and putting together Quest Integration's last major marketing event of 2016. On the way to work, traveling on the highway at 70 mph, in her brand-new pride and joy Subaru Crosstrek her world exploded as a deer jumped in front of the car. Hitting the car above the bumper, the deer produced all sorts of non-linear behavior to the front end of her car.  Here’s what impressed me about that event:

  1. The good nature of the people around the area. From the Mr. Rooter service guy that pulled over and stood by her side to wait for the police to the State Trooper that helped her get through that scene, they were considerate, compassionate and made sure the young lady was ok.
  2. Subaru engineering. Seriously, all the airbags deployed, the crumple zones seemed to work and that little car kept our Chantel safe. So safe, outside of a couple bruises, she’s fine.
  3. Chantel. Seriously she called work, mentioned she was in an accident and two hours later came in and finished the work day because, “I have too many things I want to get done; I don’t have time to be in car wreck today.”

Our company has a saying: there is no substitute for competence. That event, from her driving skills, to the automotive system designs, to law enforcement, to our employee, demonstrated that motto in action.

If you want to see what one of her events look like: register for our Skills Summit. You can also join her Northwest Marketers group on LinkedIn.  Nice job Chantel!