Local Business is Good Business

Local Business is Good Business

Our logo often includes the statement “There is no substitute for competence.”  I put that out there early in our history as a challenge to ourselves and everyone we work with. 

The commission on my emotional paycheck is seeing our team, our customers, and our providers demonstrate this principle in action.  This past year I had the pleasure of seeing this from a new perspective.

Back in mid-2014 Diane and I purchased a distressed property in Post Falls, ID.  At the crossroads of defunct retail mall and a thriving business park, we bought the building that will help define the entrance to the park.

Because the building was smaller than what we wanted this was to be a renovation as well as a new construction project.

This project was going to require a diverse group of providers.  We had two major goals for the project:  1) Focus on the idea of keeping all of the business local. 2) Do this project with an aggressive schedule and shoe string budget.

We started the project in mid-2014 and moved in by the beginning of December.  We did that by working with local companies.  This allowed us to keep focused, move things forward when they were getting bogged down, and get the attention of the right people in the companies when it was needed.  The results?  On time and under budget! Check out our renovation video.

We’d like to thank our local partners that were truly dedicated to making this successful:

INB Bank:  These guys were great.  Specifically Mike Wilson worked with us throughout the process.  I had no idea working with a bank could truly be that much of a partnership.  They focused on what we needed, gave us frank advice, moved the process along efficiently and did so with a professional courtesy that was very refreshing.  It was not been our normal experience with bigger financial institutions.

Baker Construction:  For us, this was an interesting combination of remodel and new construction. There were quite a few challenging aspects to the project and a few curve balls along the way.  Baker understood this and worked with us as we moved the project forward.  The timeline was aggressive and the work flow had some interesting twist and turns, but in the end they helped us meet our goals in terms of time and costs (special mention goes to Chris Doering.  The guy was great to work with.).

Paul Matthews, Architect:  The mission we gave Paul was to help us take an old shoe store and transform it into a high tech, upscale office for technical professionals.  Taking those ideas and translating to physical space was a challenge.  Paul did a great job.

Gregg Johnson, Interior Designer:  I have attempted to communicate with folks like Gregg in the past.  They often stare blankly at me and then suggest whatever they were going to suggest in the first place.  Gregg not only listened but has this way of finishing my thought better than I was going to.  He somehow managed to blend what Diane was thinking, what I was looking for, and what our budget was and helped make the space something special.

The City of Post Falls:   Throughout the early planning stages we heard that when you work with the city on this or that you never know, sometimes that can stretch the timeline out and you can't really do anything about it.  Well, Post Falls has something going for them because they were not an obstacle in terms of deadlines.  They were professional, expedient and seemed genuinely interested in making things happen.

Quest Integration:  Ok, this is going to sound self serving but…  You should have seen our team perform.  It was an all hands-on deck project.  Mallory, Operations' Manager and 2014 Employee of the Year, managed the planning and process and it was done brilliantly. We shut down our company, moved our entire organization and got it all back up and running losing only ½ a business day of work in the process. 

Working with local companies that have a sense of what needs to be done, competent at what they do and eager to work provided us a great space to grow our team, train our customers and work with local education groups.  Thank you to everyone involved and we invite you stop in and check it out!

I would also like to point out how helpful Post Falls Chamber of Commerce was in helping us put together a ribbon cutting that showcased our new building to the area.  In particular their chair-elect, Tami Martinez of Mallaurcott Design, was instrumental in not only helping us with the event but also in guiding our new look that we show today in our logo and color scheme.

I’d also like to remind everyone this is an excellent example that the bigger guys on the other end of the phone with the slick talking telemarketer from outside the region may be more polished with their message, but there is no way they are more competent in addressing this area's manufacturing base. 

You just need to find the right local providers and stick with them.

There really is no substitute for competence.  Thank you everyone.