A Call to Action

This message was originally written in 2011 by David Minerath in honor of the tragedy of 9/11. Every year we repost this to remember that day.

“…. If you aren’t looking at your television, do it now, oh my god, turn it on.”  This is what I heard waking up to the radio early morning September 11th.  In the Tri-Cities, to meet with Hanford engineers, I watched the war against the civilized world begin while sitting in a bed in a hotel.

Quest was still open for business that day. It was a proud moment for us at the end of that week.  We worked, full throttle.  The global terrorist network didn’t damage Quest.

Hanford Nuclear shut down 9/11 so I was done for the day and drove home through the back roads. For hours I traveled the quiet expanses of farmland, past remote houses, and impossibly small towns.  I stopped in such a town for a cup of coffee. A young woman handed me the cup, smiled and said, “Have a spiffy day”.  She had yet to hear.  It was still September 10th there and I lingered a few minutes longer.

"That first day I told my team the best we can do is the best we can do.  Actually, we can do more.  We can speak up in defense of our country.  It is an honor to be able to do so here."

An evil, dangerous enemy killed over 6,000 innocent people that day.  They are protected by a band of drug smuggling, twisted bandits and funded by jealous, politically frustrated, Middle Eastern zealots.  Their purpose is to destroy who we are.  We need to be united against them.

We Americans have endured the philosophy that arose from the sixties and it’s propagation by vocal and high profile groups.  It consists of ambiguous concepts about right and wrong.  It endorses the right of freedom without responsibility and that all behavior and opinions are morally equivalent.  We have been given to believe that patriotism is an uneducated, narrow vision of the world while the pop culture icons,

Hollywood and media reflect the true visions of who we are.  We grumble about it, we joke about it, heck we might even reach for the remote and turn it off.

That is no longer enough.

While the world prepares to win this next attack on civilization, what are the responses from these groups?

Professors speak out about our responsibility to NOT cast moral judgements.  Berkley votes to stop the war (how does one stop a war we didn’t start without surrender?).  We are told we deserved it.

Our tax funded NPR opines that bin Laden is a righteous David against the brute American Goliath and that our actions since 9/11 are brutal and indiscriminate.  They feature programs such as a multi-hour roundtable discussion on how we can die with dignity.

The media refers to 9/11/01 as a tragedy not an act of war. The same media that called the presidential election before polls closed claims their journalistic integrity prevents them from displaying patriotic symbols.  Terrorist is too harsh a label to use.  They continue to ensure an open microphone policy to the less than 10% of Americans who are not in favor of our Government’s actions.  Their political analysts disapprove of the color of Mr. Bush’s suit.

Our media shows injured Afghan civilians while showing none of the remains of the body parts from the thousands of American victims. As they hammer us with images of thugs burning our flags, they inundate us with the smiling photos of bin Laden.

The Chicago Tribune opines that feeding innocent, starving Afghans is racist because there are hungry American minorities. The ACLU is frantic that non-American citizens’ rights might be infringed if we give our Attorney General the tools needed to protect us.  Louis Farakan demands that he be shown proof of bin Laden’s guilt while Jesse Jackson lies to us about his need to be involved. 

We see ex-Clinton appointees, the people that could have prevented this, tell eager hosts what we should do now, while we continue to discover how deeply the Chinese espionage efforts have impacted our national security.

As Arafat donates blood to American victims, Phil Donahue is convinced we should not confront this act of murder with violence.  We should, instead, take advantage of the precious opportunity we Americans have never had before.  This wonderful opportunity, he explains, is the fact that the whole world feels sorry for America.  With this sympathy, we can create an environment of peace, love and forgiveness by reaching out to those that have hurt us.

Enough.  For crying out loud, enough.

While THAT is what they are showing you, realize over 90% of Americans support our President’s actions. The entire civilized world and the Islamic community is in agreement.  There is a right and wrong here.

It is time to speak out.  No longer can we quietly stand by and let this behavior go unchallenged.  Speak out loud.  Not because you are mad, nor because you are frustrated, but because you are right.

We need to speak out to support the Americans that we have to put in harm’s way and for all those that have fallen in defense of our country and what it stands for.

We need to speak out because our country is at war and needs our support.

We need to speak out because the World needs us.

We need to speak out because of how good this country has been to us. 

We need to speak out because America exemplifies man at his best.

We need to speak out because we are Americans and it is our duty.

To the global terrorists, may God have mercy on your souls and let us offer none.  To the pacifists, step aside and let America do what it needs to do to protect your freedom to object to that protection.  To the citizens of this country who cannot differentiate the outrageous actions of terrorists from that of our President’s actions I say you are dangerous and need to be discredited.

I want my children to know peace and freedom and a world that will look up to us for our exemplary leadership and bravery for what we must now do.

If we don’t stop this attack on civilization who will? 

Speak out.

God Bless America

David Minerath, President, Quest Integration, Inc.