Why Creaform 3D Scanners?

The Creaform 3D Scanners are revolutionizing the manufacturing and quality control industry. There are three reasons why Creaform is a superior 3D scanning option:

1. Portability

2. Accuracy 

3. Versatility


Unlike other 3D scanning solutions, the Creaform 3D Scanners are completely portable. They weigh less than two pounds and fit in a small suitcase. Size aside, they also don’t require extra positioning equipment to function. You can scan in unregulated environments and unusual spaces. 

The HandySCAN Black Elite can operate from 41 to 104 degrees, and 10-90% humidity. That’s something arm-mounted or tripod-based systems are not capable of doing.


A single scan will result in a highly accurate 3D model. The Black Elite scanner captures 1.3 million measurements a second. The 11 blue laser crosses create an accuracy of .0009 inches. Other 3D scanning forms depend on stability for their accuracy, while Creaform doesn’t. This is great technology for inspection purposes. The easy, point and shoot capabilities can’t be beat.

Case Study:  Gonzaga Engineering students use Creaform 3D Scanner to get a 3D model for their senior project.

Picture Source: Creaform


The grab and go system scans where you couldn’t before. The Creaform scanners can be brought to the field or shop floor. They deliver repeatable results, without extended machine down time. You don’t have to disassemble parts to get your scans. The scanners can reach into tight spaces, even inside equipment.

Creaform gets you to the next design phases more efficiently. They’re easy-to-use and give you instant results. The simplicity also allows for less training to get started. If you’d like to see it in action, contact us for an appointment in our showroom.

Picture Source: Creaform