Why 3D Scanning with Quest

In our Why 3D Scanning series, we’ve covered:

1. Why 3D Scanning?

2. Why Creaform?

3. Different Measurement Styles

Now, let’s discuss maximizing your investment with a certified, manufacturing partner.

Benefits include:

1. Implementation Services

2. Technical Support

3. Complimentary, Local Events

Implementation Services

While Creaform’s 3D scanning technologies are very simple to learn, when you’re first investing, you’ll get up to speed quicker with a partner. Having a Certified Engineer walk you through calibration and scanning procedures instills confidence and reduces the learning curve. At Quest, we encourage clients to have their teams explore this. Hit the ground running by coming to see Quest Integration’s 3D Scanners in our Showroom and Learning Center. Contact us for a consultation today.

Technical Support

Partners also offer timely, technical support. You can leverage that technical expertise for anything from software updates to preventative actions to real-time problem solving. Support enables you to make sure your investment is paying off. Take advantage of competent training courses to enhance your skill as well. Partners help you become a more efficient user and better designer. Also, the Complete Customer Care Program gets you a loaner scanner, if yours ever needs repairs.

Complimentary, Local Events

Live events allow you to learn and network. This is a great way to make sure you’re using your 3D Scanner to it’s highest potential. Plus, you can build a personal relationship with your partner. It is also valuable networking with your peers. The number one benefit attendees say they get is the highly technical information. In 2019, Quest Integration held more than 50 live events. We already have several on the calendar for 2020.

Want to see all this in action? Our Coffee Break webinars will be highlighting the advantages of 3D scanning. Register now for the demonstration on digital validation, retrofit, scan to CAD and validation on the go. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how much 3D scanners can help you.

 Contact us today to learn more about implementing 3D scanning into your processes.