Why 3D Printing Now?

If you’ve ever wanted a 3D printer on your desk, now is the time. There are three main reasons why you should invest in Desktop 3D printers right now:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Fast
  3. Easy to use

Cost Effective

3D printer prices have come down, while technology has improved. Some 3D printer set-ups are available for less than five thousand dollars. This includes the Sindoh 3D WOX 2X and the Formlabs Form 3.

Industrial printing technology has trickled down significantly into desktop printers. This allows you to buy a powerful, yet affordable unit.

For example, the Markforged Mark Two prints parts as strong as aluminum. Plus, you’re getting those parts in materials that are more cost effective. The Mark Two also has its own software program that optimizes print material and manages usage and cost.

 i. This graphic displays the strength of parts printed with Markforged Printers. Credit: Markforged

More Parts, Less Time

Don’t wait for someone else to make your parts. Your designs can be in your hands in hours with 3D printing. Then you can solidify your design faster and move to next steps. Even if you’re not at your desk, you have networking capabilities. You can start or check a print from your phone, improving productivity.


Design Freedom

CAD software makes designing for additive manufacturing that much easier. SOLIDWORKS Simulation can be used to analyze mechanical behavior. Topological studies can be used to design highly optimized parts. These workflows can engineer parts that make your team more competitive.

ii. This picture displays long-strand fibers being laid into a 3D printed part. Credit: Markforged

Think about how your team could use these advantages. This Why 3D Printing article takes a closer look at the various 3D printing processes. Contact us or call us at 800-370-3750 so we can help choose the right process for your needs.