Local Community Support

At Quest, we aren't just your reseller, we are your local manufacturing advocate. We offer complimentary events, training, local support, and  educational programs for local schools. We should be where you are, helping you succeed. Here are a few other ways in which we help support you:

We attend local manufacturing events.

Community is important. Quest greatly supports the development of local manufacturing conferences to stimulate the economy and increase cooperation amongst local businesses. Conferences like Compete Smart, Smart Map, and the Manufacturing and International Trade Day are a regular part of Quest's activity list and we strive to attend as many of these events as possible. Quest encourages you to invite us to your event. We also attend local user groups. If you ever want us to present, please let us know by emailing Chantel@qintegration.com.

We brag about our customers.

Our customers are awesome. Our region covers very rural areas, but our customers sell their products internationally. So our blog features regular articles about local customers who are making great strides in the manufacturing industry. If you want your company featured, email Chantel@qintegration.com. 

We keep you informed.

We also give you two tech tips a month and several videos to make sure you have a wealth of information to draw from as your SOLIDWORKS skill needs increase. Looking for a specific tech tip? Email the request to chantel@qintegration.com.

We excel at what we do.

Anybody can say they are good at what they do, but if they have nothing to show for it then it really doesn't matter what they say. We consistently win awards for our performance. Some of these awards include: Bachelor's Award for Education, 2012 North American Reseller of the Year, SOLIDWORKS President's Club 2013 and 2014, and many more. We also maintain a tech support satisfaction level of over 95%. Just know that we are committed to serving you as well as possible and we have the awards and numbers to prove it.