Launch Events 2019

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Is your organization ready for 2019? We want to help ensure you and your team are informed about current technology so you can make informed decisions for the new year.

Join Quest at events around the northwest where we will showcase technology fitting into these categories:

  • Design - Design anything with best in class solutions.
  • Validate - Verify function and manufacturability.
  • Collaborate - Streamline workflows and improve access to design data.
  • Manage - Manage your data and processes.
  • Inspect - Make sure it's right.
  • Build - Utilize rapid manufacturing processes to build quickly.

These tools will give you the power you need to innovate and make great design happen. Sign up for one of nine events around the territory. Find dates and locations.

Join us the morning of the Spokane Launch for our 3D Printing Expo. See our full lineup of state of the art printers. We'll also be revealing our new Markforged Metal X. Discover the power of Metal 3D Printing. Sign up here.

At these events, in addition to other current technology, we will be showcasing the newest enhancements available in SOLIDWORKS 2019. Check out some of the new features below.



Product Line

Installation Manager

The SOLIDWORKS 2019 Installation Manager delivers up to twice the download speed compared to SOLIDWORKS 2018 and earlier. The download methods also provide solutions where the Installation Manager failed to download installation files. 

Performance Enhancements 

Detailing and Drawings 

Performance when creating, opening, and editing hole tables has improved by varying degrees for increasingly large numbers of holes and for the combination of circular and noncircular holes. The time it takes to switch from a model to its drawing  is improved in several conditions.

Performance Enhancements 

Model Display 

SOLIDWORKS 2019 offers a new graphics architecture for displaying parts and assemblies, which results in smoother, more responsive real-time dynamic model display. 

Performance Enhancements 

Pack and Go

When you select Include Drawings, an option in System Options improves performance by limiting the search for drawings to specific folders. 

Performance Enhancements 

Routing Component Wizard 

When you use the Routing Component Wizard of the Routing Library Manager, the creation of routing library components is easier. The wizard displays only the essential tabs that you use to create routing components for different types of routes. The wizard responds faster when you switch tabs.

Performance Enhancements 

Piping and Tubing Database

Removing, scanning, and saving components is easier than ever.

Performance Enhancements 

Design Table Check 

In the Routing Component Wizard, when no Design Library exists for a part, the Design Table Check node is available. A message prompts you to create a new design table. 

Performance Enhancements 

Images for Connectors in the Routing Library Manager

The Routing Library Manager includes images in Route and Component Types, Routing Geometry, and Routing Functionality Points nodes of the Routing Component Wizard tab. The images help you identify the components. 

Performance Enhancements 


You can temporarily disable the automatic update of mates between a Toolbox component and a non-Toolbox component by clearing Automatic Update for Toolbox Mates. By disabling the automatic update, you can improve performance by making it quicker to edit mates, add mates, and manipulate components. 

Performance Enhancements  


SOLIDWORKS PDM loads large assemblies and complex reference structures in Contains and Where Used tabs more quickly than previously. 

You can more quickly complete operations usch as moving, dragging, browsing, renaming files, and adding a large number of files to a folder that has many files. 

The elimination of unnecessary interface refreshes speeds up your browsing experience, even in folders with many locally cached files. 

Performance Enhancements 


Performance is improved when you synchronize SOLIDWORKS PDM objects with a large number of files, and adding a large number of files and folders. The Synchronization details dialog box displays the synchronization steps. 

Performance Enhancements 


Improvements in overall stability and performance for Linear static studies with multiple Load Cases. Improvement in solution time is observed for up to 25 load cases. For linear static studies with more than 25 load cases, any gain in solution time due to the solver's performance is balanced out by the time-demanding post-processing functions. 

Performance Enhancements 


View manipulations and assembly component selections are faster in eDrawings. To improve performance, click Tools > Options > General and select Graphics boost and Fastest speed. 

Performance Enhancements 

Drawing Open Progress Indicator

The Drawing Open Progress indicator provides information on the status of operations while you open a drawing. For drawings that take longer than 60 seconds to open, the indicator remains open after the drawing opens. The indicator provides information on the following operations:

  • Load Components
  • Update Drawing 
  • Update Graphics
  • Elapsed time
  • Previous time to open


Cell Border Thickness

In tables, you can change the border thickness of individual cells, selected groups of cells, and entire tables. You can also remove cell borders. 


Saving an Assembly as a Part 

When saving an assembly as a part, you can include or remove components based on specified criteria to simplify the saved part.


Use Custom Property for Document Name in Treehouse

You can display a custom property as the document name.


External References

The External References dialog box for parts and features, and the External References dialog box for assemblies are combined into one dialog box. You can break, unlock, or lock individual references for features and sketches, sort references by status, and isolate selected components. 


Exploded Views

Exploded Views You can go through an exploded view step-by-step. You can roll back an exploded view to see the results of each step.


Defeature PropertyManager - Silhouette

You can simplify a complex assembly by using the Silhouette method in the Defeature PropertyManager. You define groups of bodies or components and then define a simplification method for these groups.


Create Custom and Configuration-specific Properties in Treehouse

You can add custom and configuration-specific properties to a Treehouse tile. 


Bounding Box in Assemblies

You can create a bounding box feature in an assembly that contains geometry. The bounding box is calculated by using the same methods as the part-level bounding box.


Applying 3D Textures

The 3D Texture tool transforms textural appearances on parts into geometry. 


Creating Partial Chamfers and Fillets

You can create partial chamfers and fillets with specified lengths along model edges. 


Inserting a Part with a Specific Configuration 

The Insert Part tool lets you insert a specific configuration of the part. This workflow is the same as when you insert a component into an assembly. 


Specifying Tolerances for Hole Wizard Holes 

You can set values for tolerance and precision when creating Hole Wizard features. 


Using Interference Detection for Multibody Parts

You can use interference detection between bodies in multibody parts. This is helpful when checking that weldments are trimmed properly and before using Simulation tools.


Creating Fixed Length Coverings

You can create partial or fixed length coverings for various locations and elements on the route segments.


Linking Materials and Sheet Metal Parameters

When you assign a custom material to a sheet metal part, you can link the sheet metal parameters to the material. If you change the material, the sheet metal parameters also update. 


Geodesic Entities 

You can create geodesic 3D sketch offsets entities with the Offset on Surface tool. 


Trim Entities Enhancements

You can convert trimmed entities into construction geometry or ignore construction geometry when trimming. This improves the handling of construction geometry for 2D and 3D sketches.


Exporting to the Revit Family Format

SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect can export files to the Revit® family (.rfa) format. The .rfa files contain the custom properties and 3D tessellation of the exported file.

SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect

Reading Tessellation Data from Foreign CAD Files 

SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect reads tessellated data from third-party CAD files. 

SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect

Support for Sheet Metal in MBD

SOLIDWORKS MBD supports sheet metal bend notes, bend tables, bend lines, and bounding box lines. 


Conditional Notifications

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, you can define conditional notifications for transitions.


Default Values Generation for New Sheets in Drawings 

When you add new sheets to a checked-out SOLIDWORKS drawing file, SOLIDWORKS PDM generates default values for the newly added sheets and updates the values in the drawing data card. 


Editing History Comments

You can edit your own history comments only if you have the administrative permission.


File Shortcut Menu 

You can more easily perform file operations on parent and child references, multiple references, or references that are spread across vaults.


Support for DXF/DWG File Format in Convert Task

The Convert task in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional converts sheet metal flat patterns to the DXF/DWG file format. SOLIDWORKS 2018 or later supports the conversion.


User Comments

SOLIDWORKS PDM lets you control mandatory comments with more granularity during the check-in or change state operations.


Geometry-based Boundry Conditions

You can assign boundary conditions such as Injection Locations, Control Valves, and Mold Wall Temperatures directly on geometry features. 


Customized Numerical Format

The Microsoft® Windows® system options you define for formatting numerical values propagate to post processing of simulation results. You can control the formatting of numerical values (symbols for thousand and decimal separators) when displaying or listing results. 


Enhanced Remote Load and Mass PropertyManager 

The Remote Load/Mass PropertyManager is redesigned to improve the user experience and enhanced with the introduction of distributed coupling for linear and nonlinear static studies.


Export to Mesh Body

After you run a Topology Study, you can export the optimized shape (as shown in a Material Mass plot with smoothed mesh) to a mesh BREP body.


Pin Connector

The improved pin connector is extended to nonlinear static and nonlinear dynamic studies. You can define a pin connector through more than two cylindrical surfaces in one definition. You can define a single pin connector attached to multiple coaxial cylindrical faces (maximum ten). 


Topology Constraints 

You can define stress (factor of safety) and frequency values as design constraints for a Topology study.


Automatic Data Recovery 

If your session ends unexpectedly, you can recover automatically saved data the next time you start a session. You can specify the frequency and folder for saving auto-recovery data. 



With the Denoiser, you can achieve significant reductions in render time for production-quality images.


Importing MDL Materials

You can import NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL) materials. 


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