Quest History

On March 6, 1998, Quest was founded by David and Diane Minerath. David, a mechanical engineer, had worked in the CAD industry for several years and saw SOLIDWORKS shortly after it became available. Impressed by its functionality and capabilities beyond other CAD products, David decided to become a reseller for SOLIDWORKS. Diane, a business major, was eager to start their company and began handling the day to day business operations.

However, David and Diane soon saw the need in the region for something more than just a software reseller.The region needed a total solution provider, a partner for manufacturers. So, as they provided the region the best software, they also began to offer training, events, and support the like of which couldn't be found elsewhere. They granted software to local schools with help from customers; they advocated for manufacturing in the region and Quest continued to grow.

Now, Quest continues to strive to provide local manufacturers with the best solution for the best price with the best support possible. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence because there is no substitute for competence.