In order to help you stay up to date and informed on the latest technology, Quest provides events that focus on topics relevant to you and your business. These events vary from technical events to high level presentations on best business practices. The goal here is to help you stay up to date with the tools and skills that make you successful.

Ever heard about a product, watched a video, read an article but didn't feel satisfied you knew enough? Then these events are for you. While you eat a free lunch, we will detail a solution and show you how it can save you time and money. Then you get to ask questions. These events are 1-2 hours during lunch times. Come to these events if you are looking into new products but are not sure exactly how the product can help you succeed. These events are a great precursor to a Hands On Test Drive.

Watching videos, going to presentations, reading all the material about a product is awesome, but sometimes, nothing but touching the software will convince you it is what you need. That's why we hold Hands On Test Drives. We want you to be totally confident the software is what you are looking for. We will give you basic training and walk you through exercises to help familiarize you with the product. Come to these events if you have been considering adding a new product to your solution. These events are a great follow up to a Lunch and Learn.

Highly technical in nature, these events also offer you the chance to network with your peers and discuss common issues and solutions. We offer two types of these events, our Engineering Success User Series events that are 1-2 hours and our Engineering Success User Series Summit events which are half to full day events. The  regular events feature presentations and the summits offers presentations and roundtable discussion. Come to these events if you have challenges that need resolved, wisdom to share, are looking for something beyond the basics or want to connect with your peers. 

Executives are busy people but still have business challenges. So we offer Executive Roundtables as a way to bring business leaders together to discuss industry best practices and new technology. It also offers a great networking opportunity and a chance to listen to success stories from around our region. Guest speakers frequent these events and they are typically breakfast events allowing you to attend the event and get back to the office where you are needed most. Come to these events if you are a top executive looking to network with other executives and share ideas on how to improve manufacturing business in the region.

Held annually every spring, we bring you a day of in depth technical discussion. These events are half to full day events and cover a multitude of topics. There is something for every skill level at these events. They frequently have an Engineering Success User Series or Executive Roundtable event attached to them as well making them ideal for your whole team to attend. Come to these events if you are employed at all in the manufacturing industry. We offer a variety topics from SOLIDWORKS technical skills to management best practices in an effort to bring all the pieces together in one useful event for your team. 

Launch events are designed to showcase the latest technology in the manufacturing industry that will launch you to new heights in the next year. Every year SOLIDWORKS rolls out its newest product updates in the fall. At these events across the territory Quest makes sure you stay up to date on the software and understand how the newest features will improve your productivity. Most of the updates are customer driven and we are always proud to show you how customers are helping shape how SOLIDWORKS performs. Technology is an ever revolving door with new things coming out every day. That's why at these events we showcase current technology so you know what is being used in industry successfully. That ensures you can make informed decisions when purchasing new technology for your company. These events are half day events. Come to these events to see the current technology in the industry, enhance your SOLIDWORKS skills and more!