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Is your organization ready for 2018? We want to help ensure you and your team are informed about current technology so you can make informed decisions for the new year.

Join Quest at events around the northwest where we will showcase technology fitting into these categories:

  • Design - Design anything with best in class solutions.
  • Validate - Verify function and manufacturability.
  • Collaborate - Streamline workflows and improve access to design data.
  • Manage - Manage your data and processes.
  • Inspect - Make sure it's right.
  • Build - Utilize rapid manufacturing processes to build quickly.

These tools will give you the power you need to innovate and make great design happen. Sign up for one of nine events around the territory. Find dates and locations.

At these events, in addition to other current technology, we will be showcasing the newest enhancements available in SOLIDWORKS 2018. Check out some of the new features below.



Product Line


Powered by CAMWorks which has been a best-in-class, seamlessly integrated CAM for SOLIDWORKS since 1998. Provides Rules Based machining and Automatic Feature Recognition which result in easy-to-learn, yet fast and powerful CAM. 2 ½ axis part milling available in SOLIDWORKS Standard, and more advanced packages in other CAM packages (See the “SOLIDWORKS CAM Internal Product Guide” for more info.


Cloud Connected

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing makes using your license on multiple machines effortless. SOLIDWORKS Login moves customized content and settings to any machine SOLIDWORKS is installed. SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal allows easier management of SOLIDWORKS Products and services. 


SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect

Work with ACIS, STEP and IGES and update changes when newer versions are received. More internal properties from 3D Interconnect supported files.  Additional information supported for reading from third-party native CAD files. 


Faster Ways to Work with Large Assemblies

Mixed Mode LDR (Large Design Review) is several times faster than fully resolved. Allows a mix of graphics-only, lightweight and fully resolved models to all be displayed and worked on simultaneously. Create mate references and perform other operations in Mixed Mode. Alt key hides faces while mating and a new Ghost mode to turn all parts transparent. 


Work Directly with Mesh Data 

Use mesh data like it is surface or solid geometry. Convert solid or surface geometry to mesh. Combine, intersect, split, move/copy, cut with surface, interference checking and more.


Innovative new User Experience

Freehand Sketching with pen or touch on compatible devices. Touch and Stylus support for many design tasks. Mirror in 3D Sketches. Enhanced Mouse gestures and user interface customization.


Powerful New Sheet Metal Features

Tab and slot feature. Normal cut feature. 3 bend corners.


Enhanced Drawing Capabilities

Support for Advanced Hole Wizard callouts. Broken-out section can be added to detail, alternate position and section views. Create large assembly drawings in record time from Mixed-mode assemblies. 


Reverse Engineering

New interactive workflow to fit surface bodies to regions of mesh models. Easily convert mesh to basic geometric shapes. Improve editability and usability of working with generative design, 3D scan and other imported mesh data by easily converting to SOLIDWORKS surface geometry.


Allow for Misaligned Mates 

Concentric holes no longer need to be perfectly in-line to be used for assembly mates. Clocked alignment and Symmetric alignment supported. Fully supported by SOLIDWORKS Motion.


Part and Assembly Support

Create complete inspection reports using existing SOLIDWORKS part and assembly files. When you open a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly that contains 3D annotations or Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), you can create a new inspection project and extract all the information for the inspection checklist.‚Äč

SOLIDWORKS  Inspection

2D File Support

Open and import 2D files from other CAD systems directly into an inspection project. SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 supports AutoCAD® DWG files, PTC ® Drawing files, CATIA® V5 CATDrawing files 115 SOLIDWORKS Inspection. Use the Smart Extract feature to extract one or more characteristics based on predefined settings. After completing the inspection project, you can generate a Microsoft Excel file or a 2D PDF.


3D File Support

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 supports 3D XML files, PTC ® and Creo Parametric files, CATIA® V5 CATPart and CATProduct files. Navigate between the different views of the 3D file using the navigation tree in the top right corner


Configuration-specific Properties in 3D PDF

You can insert configuration-specific properties in text fields and tables when you publish a model to 3D PDF. For notes, there is a 3D PDF Template Editor option that assigns the property as configuration-specific.


MBD Templates

MBD templates for parts and assemblies are included with all versions of SOLIDWORKS 2018 where the text sizes scale properly to the component and assembly sizes. The new MBD templates have predefined settings based on your model size. When you use these templates, you will automatically get the proper scaling for your model and text.


Automated Drawing PDF Creation

Convert a SOLIDWORKS Drawing file to PDF during a workflow transition using the same task technology used in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.  Configure the Drawing to PDF Convert task provided by the SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in to convert a SOLIDWORKS Drawing file to PDF. The task can map data card variables, and set the naming convention and destination for converted files. 


Design Branching and Merging

Improved handling of various design change scenarios including multiple design improvement approaches, engineering change requests, and working with external design consultants. Branching an existing file structure is similar to Copy Tree, but SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional maintains the history of source files and branched files. You can create new versions of the source files from the modified versions of branched files regardless of whether they have been moved or renamed. 


Revision Table Integration

Can now read and write values from or to a SOLIDWORKS revision table. Configure SOLIDWORKS PDM variables to automatically add information such as revision date, description, and approver to a new row in the table or to update the last row. When the mapped variable values are changed in the file's data card, the values in the table are updated and vice versa. The revision table row can be updated automatically by using set variable transition actions and set revision command.


Support for Non-SOLIDWORKS CAD File References

Supports the handling of references between SOLIDWORKS files and non-SOLIDWORKS CAD data created through 3D Interconnect. Recognizes the non-SOLIDWORKS CAD references during check in of the parent SOLIDWORKS part or assembly and lists them as CAD references after check in is complete. You do not have to create any user-defined references. The CAD references are listed in the Contains tab, Bill of Materials tab, Where Used tab, and in any operation that lists the reference tree. This is true for both the parent SOLIDWORKS file and any parent non-SOLIDWORKS file. 


Clamp Force in Machine Opening Direction 

Specify the Injection Molding Machine Opening direction to estimate the clamp force in the selected direction. In the Clamp Force PropertyManager, select one of the default axes (X, Y, or Z), or select a plane, planar face, or linear edge of your model to define a machine direction that is not aligned with a default axis.


Density Result at End of PACK Analysis

View density results at the end of a PACK analysis for solid meshes. Use the density at end of pack simulation result as a guideline to evaluate the effectiveness of your packing stage. 


Temperature Criteria for Short Shots

Improves the FLOW simulation accuracy of predicting potential short shots. Short shots may occur when the temperature at the melt-front falls below the glass transition temperature of the plastic material. 


Flattening Enhancements

Highlighting route segments of selected connectors. Flattening support for clips with multiple route segments. Connector table enhancements.


General Routing Enhancements

Grouping of spool components in BOMs.  Adding splices to routes.


Routing Library Manager Enhancements

Electrical and routing user interface integration. General Routing Library Manager Enhancements. 


Allow for Dismissal of Warning Messages

You can suppress recurring warning messages that appear in a simulation workflow.


Email Notification for Completed Analysis

Automatic email notification when the analysis completes allows you to track the status of a running Simulation study. 



Import Simulation Study Features into Assemblies

When creating a new static study, you can copy simulation features defined on a part or sub-assembly document into the new study created on an assembly document. 


Sensor for Simulation Mass Properties

Monitor simulation mass properties with a sensor



Import all SOLIDWORKS Cameras, Custom Views, and Lights

When you import a SOLIDWORKS model into SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you can now impo


Interactivity Performance Improvements 

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 includes improvements to the raytracing performance for faster interactivity directly in the viewport with fast and accurate raytracing modes, added new fast raytracing mode switch for even faster fast mode, and the ability to set the default number of passes for fast raytracing mode.


Remove Camera Post-Processing from Backplates

Using a backplate image or background color as the visible background in your scene, you can choose to have the Camera Post Processing Options only impact the model.


Spherical and Stereoscopic Cameras for VR

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2018 introduces new tools and methods to create 360° images and videos (animations) that can be used to prepare interactive Virtual Reality content.


Customizing Description for Bounding Box Properties

Customize the default description settings of bounding box properties for new or existing solid and sheet metal cut list bodies.


Linking a Cut List Folder to a Cut List Property

In the Cut-List Properties dialog box, you can add a custom property that links a cut list folder to its cut list folder name. You can then include this cut-list property in BOMs, notes, and sheet formats. This property helps to identify members in large multibody weldments. 








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