Welcome to a special SolidWorks World Edition of The Quest Report! 

With so many exciting things that happened last week at SolidWorks World 2013 in Orlando, we wanted to share our experiences with you.

Did you know that Quest Integration and SolidWorks World are both celebrating 15 years?  Thank you to all our customers who have helped make it possible for us to achieve this milestone!

We also wish to thank all the customers that came out to celebrate with us at the House of Blues in Orlando!  It was a blast and a great chance to share what we were all learning at SolidWorks World.

Our Team invites you to take a few minutes to check out some of the conference highlights!

- The Quest Team

Introducing SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual: For Collaborative Design

Announced at SolidWorks World 2013, SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual opens up creativity and flexibility in the concept phase of design.

This new program leverages the Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience Platform.  It integrates the ability to design, get feedback, and always stay connected. 

Dassault Systèmes and SolidWorks have discussed cloud-based design collaboration in the past.  This time around they are taking a more conservative, phased release approach and will be testing it with real customers first.  The goal is to validate these conceptual design principles in actual production environments.

The validation state of the program begins in May with select customers, and it's anticipated that a public release of SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual will happen around Fall 2013.

This platform won't replace your SolidWorks products.  The need for detailed design, analysis and documentation still exists.  For those that are looking for a way to kick off your design efforts at the conceptual stage with a keen eye on collaboration, SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual may be just what you need.






PRODUCT NEWS:  3DVIA Composer is now SolidWorks Composer!

To better align with the SolidWorks family of products, 3DVIA Composer is now SolidWorks Composer!

Over the next year, you'll start to see the name change take affect.  This same great Technical Communication tool allows you to repurpose existing 3D design data to create high quality graphics for product deliverables such as user manuals, technical illustrations, animations, and assembly instructions.

If you'd like to learn more about SolidWorks Composer and how it can help you lower costs and improve your time to market with better product communications, give the Quest Team a call at 1-800-370-3750!

Check Out the SolidWorks YouTube channel for videos from each daily SolidWorks World General Session!

Some Quest Team members "braved" the Log Ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure!

Now Hiring SolidWorks and/or Engineering related Professionals:

Scafco Corporation, Spokane, WA

F5 Networks, Spokane, WA

HOTSTART, Inc, Spokane, WA

Alliance Machine Systems - Spokane, WA

Esterline - Advanced Input, Coeur d'Alene, ID


Is your company looking for SolidWorks

Professionals?  Let us know and we'll include a link in our next online newsletter!

il us at:  info@qintegration.com


Quest Wins Top SolidWorks Awards

Each Year, SolidWorks Corporation acknowledges the best in their reseller channel worldwide.  This Year, Quest Integration received the prestigious North American Top Performer Award.

This award is presented to the most successful Reseller in accomplishing their goals and objectives.  We want to thank all of our customers that helped us achieve this.  It is a great accomplishment and demonstrates this region’s ability to compete globally at all levels!

In addition, David Minerath, President of Quest Integration was selected to join the top performing Reseller Owners in the 2012 Presidents Club!  This award acknowledges the work of the top SolidWorks Reseller manager teams across the world. 

This is the fourth time Quest has received this award.  “While it’s acknowledging the owners of the companies, this award really highlights our team’s ability to meet both the demands of our customers and SolidWorks Corporations aggressive goals to meet the needs of the engineering and manufacturing community,” commented David. 

The Quest Team is proud of these awards.  Our goal is to serve as an advocate for our customers and continue to meet the needs of your team in 2013!



Michael Steeves of Quest named a Model Mania Champion!

"Each and every year at SolidWorks World, one of the things that goes on is one of the more exciting things.  It's kind of CAD's version of the Roman Gladiators of people squaring off to test their talents and their merit," said Fielder Hiss of SolidWorks Corporation.

Quest Integration is proud to congratulate Michael Steeves, Sr, Application Engineer, for taking 3rd Place in the Model Mania competition.  This is the 2nd time a Quest Integration Application Engineer has placed in the top 3.

At SolidWorks World this year, 158 users and resellers entered the contest.  Each contestant is secluded with a computer and their wits.  A part drawing is presented to them.  Once they make the part in SolidWorks, they are given a second drawing that contains a number of changes and an FEA scenario to be run.  They must complete these tasks accurately within 20 minutes to have a chance at winning. The winners, or Champions, are ranked first by the model accuracy and second by the completion time.

For Michael, he said that shortcuts and tools such as Fully Define Sketch, Contour Select, Feature Search, and Fillet Selection Toolbars were utilized to complete the task.  Check out the video featuring Model Mania 2013.  If your a member of the SolidWorks Discussion Form, you can check out the previous contests.



SolidWorks Certification Updates from SolidWorks World

Introduced in 1998, the CSWP exam has grown to an online system which tests on topics ranging from basic to advanced modeling, sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, and mold tools. In 2012, the FEA, Enterprise PDM Administrator, and Sustainable Design certifications were introduced.

The success of this program shows with 116,000 unique user accounts and 89,000 total certifications.  Want to see who's certified?  Find a certified user in your area.

Coming soon, we will see the new Advanced Drawing Tools certification. Some of these exams are provided for free to current Subscription Service Customers. This is a great way to gauge your users’ level of SolidWorks expertise, identify areas of additional training and provide recognition of accomplishments.

The new release of the certification system will also provide the ability to link your online certification posting to your LinkedIn account.  For more information, check out all of the SolidWorks Certifications currently available. 

You can also check out the SolidWorks Certification Store for standard pricing.  Exams range from $0 to $149.  Most only cost about $20!



New Product Showcase: ExactFlat Design Studio

Every SolidWorks World offers something new for engineers.  One of the most interesting new products on display was the software from ExactFlat Design StudioThis software is designed to be totally integrated into SolidWorks and is for designing products using fabrics and technical textiles.

This is exciting because, as it was displayed, it looks to be an easy to use, very capable software that flattens non-prismatic and organic surfaces! While this is ostensibly for fabrics (picture flat patterning an awning canvas or a backpack or rubber raft design) it also provides nesting and costing capabilities.

Quest sees this going beyond our fabric design centric customers to offering solutions to markets beyond this (think aluminum boat hulls and coverings). 

Design, flatten, nest and cost all in one studio of software. It’s a software that is still developing but by the looks of it will offer a powerful and unique solution.

Check out the ExactFlat Design Studio Website.  http://www.exactflat.com/



Festo: Pneumatic and Electrical Innovation

Inspired by nature, Festo is a worldwide leading supplier fo pneumatic and electrical automation technology.  Festo has been using SolidWorks products to design and analyze new types of technology platforms through the application of bionics.

For example, the Robotino, a mobile learning robot, has the ability to maneuver in tight spaces with twelve degrees of freedom.  With a Bionic Handling Assistant stimulated from the concept of an elephant trunk, Robotino XT can move more flexibly and can extend its adaptive gripper with high precision.

Another project created from the Bionic Learning Network is the Festo SmartBird. We were presented with a remarkable sighting of this bird in flight during Day 2 of SolidWorks World 2013 and were extremely impressed. Take a look at this video of the Festo SmartBird in action!  

As part of the audience, we were treated to a first-hand demonstration of the SmartBird in flight - right over our heads!   The bird was operated by remote control from the stage. It's life-like movement mimicked how real birds move their wings up and down to fly.   

Just another way that SolidWorks customers like you are doing amazing work!


My.SolidWorks: SolidWorks Community Personalized

The annual SolidWorks World conference brings together designers, engineers, managers and partners to discuss technology, ideas, trends, and product design. The SolidWorks community is passionate and innovative. There is a growing need to stay on the cutting edge and continually improve the user experience.

My.SolidWorks.com pulls relevant information into a single website and view. You will no longer need to go to multiple sites to check your forum post or download a service pack from the customer portal or check out the latest YouTube video. It will all be on one localized website customized to your industry and preferences.

Existing SolidWorks subscription service customers also gain access to customer portal information, such as Knowledge Base resources and Software Performance Reports, allowing you to browse and search both public and private areas for answers to get your questions answered.

“In three short years, the SolidWorks community has doubled in size, growing from one million to two million users. This milestone, along with the achievement of one million users on 3D ContentCentral, demonstrates that SolidWorks users are active, passionate, and collaborating online every day,” said Bertrand Sicot, CEO, SolidWorks, Dassault Systèmes. “As custodians of the community, we’re passionate about helping our customers create, innovate and design the best products possible. My.SolidWorks will help our users better leverage the energy and knowledge of the community.”


The Robots are Coming!  The Robots Are Coming!

SolidWorks World 2013 was a great showcase for some of the innovative designs that are being created everyday in the SolidWorks user community. During the Day 2 general session, one of the featured guest speakers was Professor Vijay Kumar of the University of Pennsylvania.

His presentation was used to highlight some of the projects that his students have been working on over the past several years. They have been developing several autonomous, quadrotor, flying robots, with some incredibly amazing capabilities. These robots are being designed as worker drones that allow humans to give them a specific task, that may not be able to be done by human hand. The robots are able to intelligently adapt to perform that task. 

For some of you these drones might remind you of sci-fi movies where we are outsmarted by our autonomous robots. That being said, it is truly amazing what these students have created. The most fascinating part about the project is that they used SolidWorks as their leading design tool. The students were able to combine many tools inside SolidWorks to prototype and validate their designs.  

For all the details, you can check out Professor Vijay Kumar’s SolidWorks World presentation on the Quadrotor Robots. His presentation is filled with detailed information and great videos that showcase all the robots they created.


From the entire Quest Team, we thank YOU for your part in our success!  We truly believe we have the best customers and are fortunate to provide and support great products with a fantastic Team.