Small World, Big Challenges

Every year, Dassault Systemes identifies the world’s top performing SolidWorks Resellers and rewards the owners with a retreat known as President’s Club.  Diane and I just returned from this event where we had the opportunity to meet with some of the industry’s most successful people from around the world.  This was the fifth time we were awarded the honor of attending this event.  Here are some observations from this year’s experience:

  1.  Manufacturing and engineering the world over are facing the same issues.  It’s stunning to talk withSolidWorks Resellers from Germany, Brazil, Japan, Detroit, and realize that, not only other resellers, but also their customers face many of the same challenges that Quest and our customers face.  Finding talent, understanding how to optimize technology, learning how to compete globally, the challenges of ever more governmental regulatory overhead and a growing understanding of the direct link between local and global economic conditions were topics that brought us together nodding our heads as we shared with each other our stories and observations.
  2. There are big challenges other than business out there. Our flights took us through Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Langkawi and China. 
    • In Singapore we saw a jewel of a modern city boasting amazing cultural heights and the successes that near unlimited wealth produces.  Within that city we also saw true poverty and what challenges we with so much to offer must solve. 
    • We saw Beijing, which had grown so fast that we needed to bus from one terminal to another across town.  The unfettered growth of the country is producing a growing giant in the world, but one that is choking on its own dangerous pollution problems; it is so thick that it prevented us from seeing down the streets of town.  (As a side note, it’s interesting to note how many companies that claim to want to be good stewards of this planet so readily contribute to this incomprehensible amount of damage to the environment just for the sake of a few pennies.  I submit that "Buy American" isn’t just good for our country, it’s good for the planet.)
  3. Global challenges require global solutions.  It is exciting to see how a multinational company like Dassault Systemes has continued to deliver complex, game changing technologies, develop these into platforms  and deliver them globally.At the same time they ensure that the guy in Post Falls, Idaho and the guy in Tokyo, Japan can successfully deliver and integrate solutions for anyone like major car companies down to one man consulting firms. 
  4. Diane can still light up a conversation that puts this old salesman to shame.  Her ability to seamlessly engage anyone, in any role, on any topic is a fun thing to see.  I am continually humbled by her ability to understand and enjoy sharing the human condition.

- David Minerath






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