Ideas Matter.

This has been the cornerstone of how Quest operates since 1998.

However, communicating ideas is as important as the ideas themselves.  And doing that isn’t always easy.

There are a number of attributes successful people at Quest have in common. In addition to hard work, open minds, and strong will, a key part of every successful team member is that they are effective communicators.

I recently sent a couple up and coming team members to communication seminars.  Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • I should have attended because, apparently, I have some REAL bad habits (my wife has been right for the last 25 years… go figure).
  • There is an immediate improvement in performance of someone who improves their communication skills.
  • Your ability to communicate needs constant work and attention to detail to be good at it.
  • The vast majority of communication is visual and non-verbal.

This skill is even more important for technical professionals who deal with complex ideas.   Fortunately, the technology is there to simplify and improve the process.

I believe that when challenged in getting the idea across, go visual.   If you have 3D model data and aren’t leveraging it, you have a lot of potential waiting to be discovered.  Consider 3 quick ideas:

  • Edrawings provides instantly available published 3D data.  Tools embedded allow for annotation, measuring and permit the user to explore your ideas. 
  • Composer  takes the idea of leveraging 3D data to the next level.  Interactive online catalogs, quick 3D visualizations and model data for hard copy and pdfs all tied back to the original data set allowing for quick and easy updates as ideas evolve.
  • SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual is a brand new technology offering the best of collaboration, cloud based computing and the future of social team design efforts.

Sales, Marketing, Services, Manufacturing, Assembly, Tech Pubs, and more … all of these efforts could be leveraging these tools.  The results tend to be reduced project times and improved results.

If you look at your teams and think they could improve in these areas, talk to us.  We’d enjoy bringing you up to speed on what’s out there and how it can help your teams.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to try to effectively communicate with my 13 year old daughter… wish me luck!



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